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Recorded and mixed at Recording Arts in Fairfax, Virginia, between July 2012 and August 2014. Produced by Marco Delmar. Rosalinda Bird – Flutes.   Mike Meier – Guitar.  Jon Nazdin – Bass. Alejandro Lucini - Drums.  Photograph by Apollo GT.

Linda and Mike at MOCA Gallery, Washington, DC.

LaPeña - Washington, DC in the 1990s.


LaPeña produces music that is based on traditional Latin American styles and motifs, including Brazilian, tango, Latin American folk songs, and flamenco.  Their intention is to combine these valuable, time-proven musical idioms with modern musical elements, such as jazz, to bring a touch of Hispanic culture to the D.C. area.  LaPeña are not full-time musicians -- they perform for themselves and the enjoyment of others. 


LaPeña consisted of two local musicians, classical guitarist Mike Meier (he kept his day job) and flautist Rosalinda Bird from Virginia.  LaPeña played an unusual mixture of flamenco, Latin American folk music, and jazz.Rosalinda and Mike began playing together as LaPeña in 1993.

Dedicated to Rosalinda Bird

Dedicated to Rosalinda Bird. - My Muse, my music partner, and most of all my precious friend. I miss you, Linda. I miss you.


Listen to the CD and buy the music in downloadable format: http://mikemeier.kicktone.com/mpxwk/lapena and http://mikemeier.kicktone.com/


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